Contact us today to learn about how you can attend a workshop or enroll in private consultative services on any of the following topics, or countless more! 
  1. Routine Flexibility
    Learn how incorporating routines into your child's daily schedule can help to end power struggles, increase cooperation, reduce separation anxiety, and increase learning opportunities.
  2. Bedtime Support
    Goodnight, sleep tight - but only after one more drink of water, ten more stories, a trip to the bathroom, and two songs. Does this sound like a typical evening in your household? We can provide bedtime support that will ease the evening struggles and improve sleep.
  3. Toilet Training
    Our trained therapists can help you determine if your child is showing signs of readiness for toilet training, set up a plan, and walk you through this milestone step-by-step.
  4. More Play, Less Do What I Say
    Do you find yourself walking on a tightrope between encouraging your child to play independently and spending time playing with them to teach new skills? We will help you find a balance and show you how to encourage creative and age-appropriate play skills.
  5. Too Many Tantrums
    Every moment of parenthood is not meant to be enjoyed, and tantrums are one of those moments. Are you struggling to figure out why your child is having so many tantrums and how to make them better? We have countless tools to help reduce tantrum behavior!
  6. Ew, Yuck! I'm Not Eating That.
    Do you have a picky eater at home? Would you like your child to sit at the table for an entire meal? Are you struggling to get your child to eat healthy options? We will provide you with the tools to determine which behaviors are age-appropriate and ways to improve meal time.